Young Adults Fellowship’s formation at Bethel Presbyterian Reformed Church Inc. (Bethel YAF) goes back to 2008 under the counsel of Evangelist Samuel Asare of the Grace Evangelistic Ministry-Akropong, however due to other commitments at the time, it wasn’t materialized until February 9th 2014.

Since the inception of Bethel Presbyterian Reformed Church’s YAF group on February 9th 2014 our aim has been to promote;

  • A Christ centered life and spiritual awareness in our daily growth
  • Network and fellowship with other congregations in the Assembly of Ghanaian Churches in North America  and PCUSA on a broad spectrum.
  • Foster brotherly support needed in this challenging times socially, economically and morally.
  • Nurture our young ones in Christ as they grow and also attempt to bridge the generational gap by involving them in some assignments.
  • Actively partaking in the transitioning phase(s) of the Church’s growth

With these goals in mind, our yearly themes have been centered around prayer and acknowledging the fact that we cannot achieve much as Christians regardless of how ambitious we are, if prayer is not an integral part of our daily lifestyle.

YAF have been active in all 3 Young Adults Annual Conferences within the Assembly of Ghanaian Churches in North America hosted respectively by Toronto (2014), Maryland (2015) and Columbus Ohio (2016). Among the many activities organized at the various conferences, Bethel YAF won the first place in the Bible Quiz, Toronto (2014).

Other Conferences participated in include the 1st Congregation of Ghanaian Presbyterian Churches – North America Asempatrew in 2014 at Columbus Ohio.

Additionally, 2 members of the Church’s leadership and also YAF members, were able to participate in The Presbyterian Church (USA)’s fourth Big Tent event at Knoxville, Tennessee from July 30th through August 2nd 2015 with more than 700 Presbyterians in attendance to worship, learn and network.

Bethel’s current Session Board is graced with 5 YAF members out of the 12 serving seats and this is an important opportunity in equipping us with Church governance and organization, worship and dynamic transitioning as the Church continues to grow.

On August 30th 2015, Bethel Presbyterian YAF local chapter was inaugurated and the following make up the executive board;

As with any other group or organization, Bethel YAF has its challenges and despite having a set days and times for meeting, we haven’t been diligent and consistent.

Other challenges include;

  • Lack of adequate funds due to unpaid dues
  • Lack of participation and commitment
  • Membership affirmation
  • Relocations by virtue of marriages and careers

YAF as a group meets twice a month – 1st Thursday of the month via teleconference means from 9pm to 10pm and 3rd Sunday of the month at our Church premises. Current numerical strength 24 people.

In conclusion we are very much appreciative of the fact that there’s the zeal and passion and despite the aforementioned challenges, we hope to spark the interest of members and increase numerically through the organization of workshops and events. Our projections include but not limited to;

  • YAF members take on active roles and assignments in the church.
  • Encouraging our members to boldly participate in activities of the Church as a whole
  • Provide guidance and support to our young one’s considering they are the deemed the foundation of the church’s future.
  • Be effective in our ministerial calling and assigned roles.