BRIEF HISTORY OF BETHEL YPG From humble beginnings come great things. The Young People’s Guild (YPG) from Bethel Presbyterian Reformed Church, formerly known as the Ghanaian Presbyterian Reformed Church, was formed in 1997 with membership of about 10 people. The aims and objectives were to promote and develop the spiritual, moral and social beings of the youth and to establish their role as the church’s future. YPG have enjoyed several achievements throughout its growth with some key examples noted below;

  • In 2001, about 15 members went to Kirk O’the Valley Presbyterian Church, California on a mission outreach program with activities ranging from song ministration and visitation local schools to share the joy of Christ’s calling. The YPG produced and recorded many songs in California which led to creating a gospel album and also several invitations to minister at various Ghanaian gatherings in the New York Triborough.
  • Other milestones achieved include winning of several bible quizzes from the Annual National Young People’s Guild North American Conferences spanning from 2004 to present and each year we do our best to attend and actively partake in the annual youth conferences hosted by various local chapters.
  • Another achievement from the YPG was the hosting of the first ever National Youth Conference in 2004 at Holmes, NY, where all participants were camped at the same location. This has since then been the model for conferences to date. There were approximately 160 people in attendance coming from various churches such as Toronto, Montreal, Virginia, Bronx and Maryland.
  • Stemming from its founding members, the Brooklyn YPG has produced many good leaders that have served and continues to serve in their communities as Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Nurses, Accountants, Pastors, Artists, Entrepreneurs and just to mention a few.

Currently, as a YPG, there are 28 members but only 15 are active. Under the YPG, Junior Youth (JY) was formed and it has seen numerical increment than YPG. JY ranges from ages 12-18 years old and YPG being from 18-30 years old. As a youth, we want all our members to be actively involved in our activities, contribute in whatever way they can and to spur growth and unity as we share in the power of Christ in all of our works. The current executives of the YPG are as follows: Nana Ama Boateng – President, Josephine Adasi – Secretary, Asabea Younge -Treasurer and Charmaine Adutwum – Organizer. The youth currently meets every other Saturday at the church from 4pm – 7pm. On other days, we do hold conference call meetings on the phone to discuss upcoming events as well as have bible studies. Despite the challenges we face with most of our predecessors moving on to YAF, we are committed and dedicated to expanding the youth by finding new ways to attract new members be it through online or at church services. Other challenges include non-attendance to meetings, lack of participation and financial constraints that limit some of our activities. Although we have our challenges, some activities we encourage ourselves with include; working together as a team and as a church family to raise funds towards our annual youth anniversary and conference, having bible studies, building friendships with other churches in the area as well as using our different talents that we have to participate in church services such as song ministrations, reading scriptures and liturgical dancing. In conclusion, the current youth will continue to develop and understand how important church youth unity is. We are very grateful for the pathway that was given to us from its previous members to continue on in their footsteps. May the Lord continue to strengthen the youth spiritually,mentally and physically in our future goals and aspirations. With the power of God, we will see great things happen in not only the youth but in the life of the church.